Our Mission

SABUKO is a Society for Nature Conservation and Birdlife Partner in Georgia.
Our main directions is conservation of species and their habitats.

Our mission is to promote the conservation of wildlife in Georgia and to increase the valuation of nature by the public and to encourage the sustainable use of natural resources.
We aim  to protect wild birds and their habitats, and to raise awareness about the value of nature and the importance of its protection.
For preventing the conflict between human and nature, we have chosen a way of cooperation and work with local communities and other target groups, rather than confrontation, which is a most effective approach that delivers win-win situation in long-term outlook.
Type of Activities:

  • Educational and awareness raising about nature conservation
  • Field surveys, expeditions, systematic monitoring, satellite tagging and data analyses
  • Rehabilitation and restoration of key habitats
  • Engagement of target groups and stakeholders
  • Development of Eco-turism (birdwatching)
  • Support and implementation of the Birdlife Strategy on national level