Significantly reduced population of Egyptian Vultures in Georgia is facing a new threat – the construction of wind farms at the Kvernaki ridge. Egyptian Vulture is a globally endangered species included in the Georgian Red List as well as important inbatitant on the Kvernaki Emerald site. The Emerald Network is an ecological network made up

Bird sounds

During the breeding season, male birds sing to attract females and to warn other males to keep out of their territories. These songs are often musical. In addition, birds use a variety of calls to sound alarm, to keep track of each other, and to tell each other about food. These calls are often short

Help birds to see your window!

We share living spaces with birds. Collision with building glass is currently estimated to be the second greatest source of direct mortality of birds. Millions of birds die annually from window collisions. Birds collide with windows on residential, low-rise, and high rise buildings, or on walkways or bus shelters. Bird collisions on glass surfaces occur

How birds eat

The Beak Game Gather as many of the following items as you can to represent foods birds eat. Food Resources: Macaroni (small animals), goldfish crackers (fish), gummy worms (earth worms), chocolate sprinkles (ants), peanuts, sunflower seeds, mini- marshmallows (grubs/caterpillars), dry cereals (insects), fruit juice (nectar). – This are successions, which you can adapt according to


A habitat is the home of an animal or a plant. Almost every place on Earth—from the hottest desert to the coldest ice pack—is a habitat for some kinds of animals and plants. Most habitats include a community of animals and plants along with water, oxygen, soil or sand, and rocks. The two main types

Feathered friends

COOL FACT Birds Are Descendants of Dinosaurs. Birds are the only living creatures with feathers. But they aren’t the only animal to have ever had feathers. From the fossil record we know that birds evolved from dinosaurs, some of which had feathers! But those first feathers had nothing to do with flight. Instead, they probably