The overall objective of the presented pasture management recommendations is to provide estimated stocking rates and a provisional rotational grazing scheme for the pasture area of the Chachuna Managed Reserve. The plan should serve a basis for a future leasing contract that meets the requirements of a protected area.

In a bid to preserve the unique biodiversity of Iori floodplain forests, Sabuko offered farmers an alternative water resource for sheep to drink in Chachuna managed reserve and nearby territories.  The South-Eastern part of Georgia, known for its semi deserted landscapes, is  a winter pasture for thousands of sheep. Because water resources are so scarce

This document presents a description and assessment of Iori River Gallery Forest, definition of their natural boundaries, comparison with the present boundaries and identification of causes of changes

Annual Report 2019

In the document SABUKO summarized its work and all the important events and activities, implemented in 2019 in 4 main directions: Saving Species, Restoring Habitats, Empowering Locals and Raising Awareness.

Benefits of Backyard Birds

Birds are a perfect indicator for changes in the environment. In urban areas, not only public green spaces are important for humans and birds alike. It is on you as well, if birds like to be around you. Here you find examples, what makes your garden or yard hospitable for birds. Some actions can even

World Wetlands Day and Its importance

2 February is World Wetlands Day World Wetlands Day is celebrated internationally each year on 2 February. It marks the anniversary of the signing of the Ramsar Convention. It is celebrated to raise awareness of wetland values and benefits and promote the conservation and wise use of wetlands. Wetlands Rivers, lakes, ponds and wet meadows