Making Seed Balls to Help Birds

Seed Balls are a fun activity with kids. And an easy way to color up your way to school or abandoned places. At the same time you’ll improve habitat for bugs, bees, and birds alike. You should spend a little time on researching the place you want to beautify. Particular on how sunny respectively shady

Originally announced for Kumisi Lake, the Sunday excursion had to be changed to Jandarai Lake. A team excursion visited Tbilisi Sea, Jandari Tba and Kumisi Tba on 2. February. It revealed, that Kumisi shores are not accessible with a mini bus, which has been necessary due to high interest. About 20 people joined the excursion.

2 February is World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day is celebrated internationally each year on 2 February. It marks the anniversary of the signing of the Ramsar Convention. It is celebrated to raise awareness of wetland values and benefits and promote the conservation and wise use of wetlands. Wetlands Rivers, lakes, ponds and wet meadows are great places to see wildlife

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The Iori River, and the gallery forest which stretches along the valley, are integral parts of South East Georgia’s steppe ecosystem. The river shapes the dynamics of the landscape by creating periodic wetlands and transporting nutrients from the mountains to the lowlands. The gallery forest, which runs along the Iori riverbed, acts as a wildlife

Another Imperial Eagle

Unfortunately, another Imperial eagle, tagged by satellite transmitters, became a victim of power lines. This time the incident occurred in Azerbaijan, near Georgian border. Our team members left for the place of destination yesterday to picture and taking off the transmitter. The bird was tagged in July, 2017, therefore it was on its second migration

Helping birds over winter

Not all birds migrate to warm countries for wintering. Some birds also migrate form really cold areas to spent winter in the Caucasus. Or they just migrate to lower altitudes. And many bird species do not change the area at all. They are called resident birds.   How birds protect against icy wind and snow Birds have many superb adaptations that allow