Sabuko’s half-year report

Sabuko’s half-year report summarizes Sabuko’s work and main activities in direction of conservation, wildlife protection and awareness raising.

Illegal killing is one of the main risks for the birds becoming extinct globally. Poaching birds became one of the major threats for bird migrating between Europe and Africa. Every autumn more than 1,000,000+ birds of prey migrate through the Batumi Bottleneck. Batumi Raptor Count (BRC) along with SABUKO work on monitoring and conserve birds

In southeast Georgia, at the core of the Caucasus Biodiversity Hotspot, lies the Iori River Valley. This fascinating landscapes supports a range of life, including birds of prey, gazelle and lynx, as well as range-restricted plant species such as Caucasian hackberries, floodplain oak and juniper. Despite its rich biodiversity, this landscape is threatened by livestock

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Annual Report 2018

In the new annual report Sabuko has summarized its most important events and activities of 2018 Annual Report 2018

Within the Restoring Gallery Forest and Grasslands in the Iori River Valley, Georgia Project, SABUKO in Chachuna Managed Reserve carries out the study of pasture conditions. Sophio Maghlakelidze and Revaz Kvaratskhelia, students of the School of Natural Sciences and Medicine of Ilia State University, are taking part in the study as well. We are sharing